Viva Exploration


Production of oil in Western Ukraine began a century ago. This makes this region the oldest oil-producing area in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. The first well specifically intended for oil production was sunk at the end of the XVIII century near Ripne village. The depth of this hand-excavated well reached over 30 meters. Oil was taken from it in wooden buckets and used to grease carts and for medical purposes.

In 1853, pharmacist I. Luskasevych and tinsmith A .Bratkovsky, both from Lviv, invented the first lamp in the world intended for use with refined petroleum product. This advent would change the world and provide the impetus for the oil industry’s growth worldwide.

Cable-tool drilling was first used in the region in 1887, and by 1895 there were already 28 wells producing with annual production of 2360 tons (about 17,000 barrels).

During the next 80 years, the oil and gas industry developed rapidly and the territory of Western Ukraine was transformed into a world-class production region. The educational and technical institutions that worked in this region brought their knowledge to the rest of the Soviet Union, making this region the heart of Soviet exploration science and research.

Today Western Ukraine is considered a mature basin for oil and gas production but such mature basins have experienced a revival around the World as the existing knowledge base forms the basis for successful enhanced recovery techniques. VIVA EXPLORATION LLC is a company focused on exploring for and producing natural gas, oil and condensate in Western Ukraine.

VIVA EXPLORATION LLC has a unique combination of Ukrainian and Western experts in the petroleum exploration and financial sectors, facilitating successful international investment in Ukraine and actively developing the country's oil and gas potential using best-fit technology and the highest standards of safety. In combining Ukrainian and international management and financing, the Company has formed a strong team of professionals ready to create new opportunities for international capital in Ukraine and benefit society and the state through economic growth and investment.

Our team uses its experience and knowledge to work in complicated geological conditions and will use the latest scientific and technical developments in our upcoming projects. Our objective is the economical production of oil, gas and condensate which will help to improve the energy balance of Ukraine, and bring about social and economic development, whilst ensuring a healthy return to investors.